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LB-286 Motorized Auto-Focus Digital Microscope
with Camera (3.2MP CMOS)

LB-286 Motorized Auto-Focus Digital Microscope with Infinite Plan Optical System (Infinity Color Corrected System) Extra Wide Field and Camera (3.2MP CMOS) has integrated the advantages of modern aesthetics and the edge of disciplines to achieve the automation of microscopes in laboratory. High quality infinite optical system makes your lab work more enjoyable.

Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


  • With a four motor drive, objective nosepiece, the stage with X, Y, Z directions can be controlled manually or motorized.

  • With advanced digital illumination adjustment technology, brightness of halogen lamp has been divided into 100 steps.

  • 3.2 Megapixels camera system, USB 2.0 plugs and play; real-time preview is up to 30 frames/ sec.

  • High precision stage, quickly capture the clearest images by auto-focus. Automatically slide scanning, recognizing are controlled by the computer.

  • With built-in dynamic focusing system, realize the laboratory microscopy automation. With network remote control system, it is widely used in medical diagnosis, pathological analysis and real-time teaching etc.

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Technical Specifications


LB-286 Motorized Auto-Focus Digital Microscope is a high level automatic microscope, it is mainly used in laboratories for scientific and medical research. It is widely used in medical diagnosis, pathological analysis and real-time teaching areas etc.

Optical System

Infinite Optical System

Viewing Head

Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 48-75mm


3.2 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor

Resolution ratio: 2048 ×1536

Pixel size: 3.2um×3.2um

Maximum frame rate:
2048×1536 @ 12f/s
1600×1200 @ 20f/s
1280×1024 @ 27f/s
1024×768 @ 43f/s

Sensitivity: 1.0v/lux-sec (550um)

Exposure: Manual or auto exposure, time adjustable(1-500ms)

SNR: >43dB


Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/22



Quintuple Nosepiece


Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective 4×, 10×, 20×, 40×, 100×


The precision of leading screw stage is 1um


Swing Condenser NA0.9/0.25


Blue and Green filter


Halogen Lamp 24V/100W
Kohler illumination

Control System

The control box of LB-286 Motorized Auto-focus Microscope

The control software of LB-286 Motorized Auto-focus Microscope

Image analysis Software

  USB Dog  

G.W & Dimension

65cm * 46cm * 44cm, 30kg



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