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LC-33 20.0 MP USB3.0 Digital Camera for Fluorescence, Biological, Polarizing, Metallographic and Stereoscopic Microscope

The LC-33 20.0 MP USB3.0 Digital Camera for Fluorescence, Biological, Polarizing, Metallographic and Stereoscopic Microscope meets the needs of most microscopic imaging applications, and its economical price positioning combined with the many features provided by Capture V2.0 gives users with a truly value-for-money experience.

Labomed Inc. is certified by ISO 9001, CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


  • Revolutionary industrial and biological microscope camera
  • Two Core Technology: Real-time image stitching & depth-of- field fusion
  • USB3.0 interface

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Technical Specifications

Model LC-33
Shutter Mode Rolling
Sensor Model IMX183CQJ-J
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 1"
Color/Mono Color
Pixel Size 2.4x2.4(μm)
Resolution 5472(H)x3648(V)
Frame Rate 15fps(5472x3648)
53fps(2736x1824 2x2bin) 67fps(1824x1216 3x3bin)
Exposure Settings Support auto/manual exposure, exposure time: 0.13ms-15s
Other Settings Auto: color scale, white balance
Manual: gain, noise reduction, gamma, flat field correction
Color Temperature 2000-15000K
Picture Format JPG/PNG/TIFF
Interface Data Interface: USB3.0, Optical Interface: Standard C Mount
Multiple Cameras Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously in SDK
PC Software Capture V 2.0
Operating System Windows is supported and Linux/Mac is under development
PC Configuration CPU: Intel Core i5 or better(Quad or more Core) RAM: 8G or more, OS: Windows 7/8/10 64bit
Size & Weight Size: 68x68x46mm Weight: 330g

Revolutionary PC Computing Imaging Software Capture V2.0

Unique from the cumbersome process of traditional technology to obtain images after processing, the revolutionary computing imaging software Capture V2.0 provides real-time image stitching and real-time depth of field fusion. This can automatically complete the image while the operator moves the stage - productivity at its best.

  • Real-time image stitching
    • Within a few seconds of moving the stage, Capture V2.0 can complete the whole process of panoramic stitching in real time, and it can be accurately and quickly stitched under different magnifications and arbitrary angles.
  • Real-time depth-of-field fusion
    • Rotating the focus ring to image different depth of field points, Capture V2.0 can realize the depth of field expansion and full-length details at a glance, no more blurred images!
  • Capture V2.0
    1. Modular function configuration
    2. Users can adjust all functions including exposure, processing and measurement  according to different applications, and  customize the exclusive working interface!

    3. Efficient measurement flow
    4. The measurement stream can be used to record repetitive measurement steps, making it easier for users to perform measurement tasks faster.

    5. Visual property editing
    6. During the measurement process, the user can modify the properties of lines, fonts, colors, etc. very intuitively.

    7. Create an experiment report
    8. Support for project information input, then automatically generate experimental reports containing image, measurement and counting information.





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