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Labomed Inc.

[H-7034] Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer with Reticulocyte Testing, Auto Sampler, 34 Parameter and 60 Test / Hour

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H-7034 Auto Hematology Analyzer uses semi-conductor laser for the flow cytometry system. Through calculations of different angles via laser scatters, the instrument provides complete analysis including cell size, granularity and complexity.


H-7034 Auto Hematology Analyzer counts lymphocyte, monocyte, neutrophil, eosinophil and basophil in WOC channel.


Not only scatter grams but also 3D stereograms are provided by H-7034 Auto Hematology Analyzer that the WBC differentiation would be presented on different views.


  • Laser light multi-dimensional cell classification
  • Resistant RBC mode
  • WIC and WOC for WBC counting
  • Up to 60 samples per hour throughput
  • WBC 5 part diff with sheath reagent only
  • Support both whole blood and capillary blood samples
  • 28 Parameters plus 6 Reticulocyte test, with total of 34 Parameters
  • The system will collect blood sample automatically for test.


Technical Specifications


34 parameters +5 histograms + 1 scattergram

NEUT (#): Neutrophil Count
NEUT (%): Neutrophil Ratio
LYMPH (#): Lymphocyte Count
LYMPH (%): Lymphocyte Ratio
MXD (#): Eosinophil, Basophil and Monocyte Count
MXD (%): Eosinophil, Basophil and Monocyte Ratio
RDW-SD: Red Blood Cell Distribution Width - Standard Deviation
RDW-CV: Red Blood Cell Distribution Width - Corpuscular Volume
WBC (#): White Blood Cell Count
RBC (#): Red Blood Cell Count
MONO (#): Monocyte Count
MONO (%): Monocyte Ratio
GR (#): Granulocyte count
GR (%): Granulocyte Ratio
HGB (#): Hemoglobin Count
HGB DW: Hemoglobin Distribution Width
MCH: Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
MCHC: Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration
MCV: Mean Corpuscular Volume
HCT (#): Hematocrit Count
PLT (#): Platelet Count
PCT: Prolactin Count
MPV: Mean Platelet Volume
PDW. Platelet Distribution Width
RTC: Reticulocyte Count
WBC Histograms: White Blood Cell Histograms
RBC Histograms: Red Blood Cell Histograms
PLT Histograms: Platelet Histograms
Baso Histograms: Basophil Histograms
WBC (White Blood Cell) Differential Scattergram
NEUT (#): Neutrophil Count
NEUT (%): Neutrophil Ratio
BASO (#): Basophil Count
BASO (%): Basophil Ratio
EOS (#): Eosophil Count
EOS (%): Eosophil Ratio
P-LCR (#): Platelet Large Cell Ratio
ALY (#): Atypical Lymphocyte Count
ALY (%): Atypical Lymphocyte Ratio
LIC (#): Limiting Isorrheic Concentration Count
LIC (%): Limiting Isorrheic Concentration Ratio"

  (NEU#, NEU%, BAS#, BAS%, EOS#, EOS%, RDW-SD #, RDW-CV #, P-LCR #, ALY #, ALY%, LIC#, LIC%, BASO #, RSC # Histogram)
Measuring Principle Fluorescence Flow Cytometry Technology/cytochemical flow cytometry using Semi-Conductor LASER and Dye Reagents for WBC and 5 Differential for WBC.
  Hydrodynamic Focus/impedance/optical focus flow detection method for RBC & PLT Analysis. Cyanide free SLS/Photometric – Hemoglobin method for HGB measurement.
  Measuring Principles LIC
Sample Volume Min 20uL EDTA Whole Blood
Throughput (T/hr) 60 samples per hour or above
Operating System Windows 7 or later
PC Hardware Must be purchased separately (Labomed, Inc. does not sell it)
Display ≥ 17” LCD Color Monitor
Data Storage Min  10,000 test about  patients
Discrete Mode CBC Mode CBC+DIFF Mode
Power Supply 110-230V AC, 400W, 50Hz, locally compatible mains plug, set of replacement fuses (if replaceable type used) 
Dimensions 400 x 420 x 490mm
Weight 25kg


• Roller Mixer for Homogenous mixing of Blood - one (Optional)

• One set Startup Reagents (Optional)

• Reagents for 5000 test at user end (Optional)


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Labomed Inc. is certified by ISO 9001, CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

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