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Labomed Inc.

LB-108 Monocular Zoom Microscope with Infinite Plan

& Metallurgical Objective

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LB-108 Monocular Zoom Microscope adopt apochromatic parallel optical imaging system and provide high resolution and sharp stereoscopic images. This series microscopes are designed for the applications in the fields of machine vision, industrial inspection and scientific research. Modularization product portfolio and excellent optical performance make them a better choice in these areas.

Labomed Inc. is certified by ISO 9001, CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


  1. Adopt apochromatic parallel optical imaging system, use advanced multi-layer coating technology, excellently correct the imaging on the edge of field of view. Get high-resolution and high contrast images, naturally restore the true colors of observed objects.
  2. Compact design, so that all functions are concentrated in a tube, it is very suitable for the small installation space in modern equipment.
  3. Zoom ratio 1:8.3, zoom range 0.6×-5×, standard working distance 88mm, can meet the requirement of machine vision conventional imaging.
  4. There are a variety of auxiliary lens and C-mount eyepiece adapter for option, make the system’s optical magnification range 0.054×-1500×, working distance 2mm-270mm, object field of view 0.004mm-20mm.
  5. LED Ring light, Polarizing illumination, Coaxial illumination system are optional, Coaxial illumination adopts single high brightness 3W LED, color temperature 5500K, uniform lighting, suitable for high reflectivity surface precision detection and limited exterior lighting occasions.
  6. Adopt modular design, various additional accessories are optional to make the microscope a powerful devoice for your jobs.

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Technical Specifications


LB-108 Monocular Zoom Microscope are widely used in educational demonstration, agriculture research, industrial material, semi-conductor, integrated circuit board inspection area and so on.

Item Specification
Optical System Infinite apochromatic parallel optical system
Zoom Lens Optical zoom magnification: 0.6×-5.0×
Zoom ratio 01:08.3
Mounting Size Φ40mm
C-mount Adapter 1× C-mount adapter
Auxiliary Lens 1× / WD: 88mm
Ring Light LED Ring light, brightness adjustable
Stand and focus arm BA2 Pillar type column plain stand with coarse and fine focus arm
Total Mag. 0.6-5.0×
FOV (mm) 8×6- 0.9×0.7


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