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LC-38 2.0MP HDMI Digital Camera

LC-38 2.0MP HDMI Digital Camera are economic version with simple and compact structure CMOS eyepiece cameras. USB Type C is used as the data transfer interface. Also the LC-38 2.0MP HDMI Digital Camera comes with advanced video & image processing
application KoPa Capture.

Labomed Inc. is certified by ISO 9001, CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

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  • Ultra-wide dynamic and ultra-low-light camera.
  • HDMI 1080P 60Hz preview, 30FPS record video.
  • USB high-speed video transmission.
  • Rich PC software functions.
  • Built-in multifunctional image processing software.
  • Local storage supports up to 128G and supports hot plug.
  • Equipped with a wired controller as standard accessory to reduce work intensity.

Technical Specifications

Model LC-38
Physical resolution 2.0MP
Sensor model SONY CMOS IMX291
Exposure mode Roller shutter exposure
Highest resolution 1920 x 1080 (2,073,600)
Sensor size 1/2.8''
Pixel size 2.9 µm x 2.9 µm
Dynamic Range 128dB
SNR 30dB
Spectral response 380~650nm
Exposure Real-time auto, single auto, manual adjustment
White balance Real-time automatic, single automatic, manual R G B adjustment
Preview resolution HDMI: Auto-adaptive display, up to 1920X1080i60, 1020X1080P30
Record format Snapshot Format: JPG
Resolution: HDMI 1920x1080,
Record Format: MOV
Resolution: HDMI 1920X1080P30,1280x720P60
Record path TF card (up to 128G,hot pluggable)
Power supply USB TYPE C 5.0V DC (maximum current 1A)
Image output interface HDMI TYPE C(Mini HDMI)




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