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Labomed Inc.

Microplate Washer


  • An automatic washer for microplates and provides automatic plate calibration. 8- or 12- channel manifolds can be easily fitted to allow washing of single and multiple strips. Or a complete 96-well plate.

Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

Included Accessories

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  • 1 Microplate Washer

  • 1 12 Channel Manifold

  • 1 Distilled Water Bottle

  • 1 Lotion Bottle

  • 1 Waste Bottle

  • 1 Instruction Manual CD

  • 1 Power Cable

  • 2 Fuses

  • 1 Tube

Technical Specifications

Residual Volume: <2ul/well
Dispense/Wash volume: 50ul ~ 500ul
Dispensation Precision: <3% CV at 300ul across plate
Dispensation error: <5%
Storage: 50 programs
Plate Type: 96, 48 well plates or strip plate
Manifolds: 8- or 12- way available
Wash time: 0-99
Soak time: 0-3600 seconds
Shaking time: 0-240 seconds
Alarming function: Alarm after washing
Self-test function: Automated locate check
Operating system: Different languages on request
Monitor: Back-illuminated LCD
Washing Strips: 1-12
Washing Cycle: 1-99
Washing Scope of Applications: 96 well plate, 48 well plate and single plate
Residual Volume: <2uL per well
Programs Storage: 50 stored programs
Washing Capacity: 50-500 uL, optional setting (step length is 50 uL)
Soak Time: 0-3600
Plate-Type Options: U plate, flat plate, V plate
Shake Time: 1-99 seconds


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Labomed Inc.
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