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Welcome to Labomed's Catalog! The following are brief descriptions of our line of chromatography equipment, to see more detailed description and specifications, click on the picture.
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MASS GC-5000 Gas Chromatography System



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MASS GC-5000 is the new generation high performance Mass Spectrometer. The MASS GC-5000 is an accurate, reliable, and precise system, which is suitable for mass routine analysis and precise research applications as well. The MASS GC-5000 could be widely used in food safety, environmental protection, material chemical industry, life science, medicine research, criminal investigation, and many other fields, benefitting from its high performance, long service life and good after-sales service.


Superior Material
High Performance
Modularization Design
Remote Control
Full Automatization
Quality Service
The high performance GC and various optional accessories satisfy different analysis requirements.
User-friendly design makes the maintenance much easier.
The new EI source with multiple patents provides high ionization efficiency.
The new generation molecular pump by PFEIFFER satisfies the high vacuum requirement.
The powerful GCMS workstation is intuitive, simple and easy to operate. The unique remote control function enables powerful technical support.
The new MASS GC-5000 provides excellent specifications with more reliable, stable and efficient analysis results.
The fifth-generation EPC and digital electrocircuit sets new benchmarks for the precision of RTL, which ensures the reliability of the GC to reach an unprecedented level. The highly flexible EPC design makes the analysis of complicated hydrocarbons possible.
High speed cooling down and heating of column oven, advanced automatic features will shorten analysis time and reduce your operation cost.
Convenient maintenance of injector, new turn top design reduces the time required to replace the liner and no tools are needed.
Various optional components and accessories could meet all kinds of requirements.

User-Friendly Design:

User-friendly Observation Window and Indicative Lamp design. Inside modular assembly design, side door design of the vacuum chamber and multiple interface modes.

Front Panel
Filament is a common consumable for an MS system.
Do you want to visually observe status of it?
Is it lit?
Has it been damaged and replacement required?
When you install a column, do you want to clearly see an accessible location in the column after it passes through the transmission line?
The transparent observation window on the front panel could help you achieve all of this, while the indicating lamp will show you the real running state of the MASS GC-5000 system.

Electrical Box
Do you feel puzzled about the chaotically distributed PCBs?
Do you feel head-scratching for the scatted cables? MASS GC-5000 supplies an integral electrical box which is the same as a PC does, leaving only the cable connectors visible, keeping the internal parts of your instrument tidy and clean. The distinct connection ID makes it simple to assemble.
New generation metal molybdenum quadrupole ensures excellent performance.

Vacuum Chamber
Cleaning is an essential maintenance process for an ion source, pre-quadrupole system. MASS GC-5000 supplies a side door design of the vacuum chamber, which makes cleaning much easier, routine maintenance much more simple.
Rear Panel
Integrated wireless communication module, multiple interfaces, Ethernet port, serial port and USB port.

Ion Source

Electron impact source with dual heating robs independent heating, which makes heating more uniform. Max temperature is 350°C.

Dual filament design provides double filament life.

Electron energy 10-100eV adjustable, enabling low-voltage operation to meet different application requirements.

Tube-shaped lens enhances focusing effect and dramatically improves ionization efficiency
Patented surface repulsion electrode design dramatically improves on the focusing effect.


It is an intuitive, intelligent, and easy to operate software. It provides easy instrument control, data processing, and spectra library searches.

If you are unfamiliar with the instrument, as long as you are connected to the network, the remote synchronization control function can assist you in operating the instrument and analyzing the data.


Vacuum System

High performance pre-vacuum pump and turbo molecular pump, to reduce ion collisions and background noise and memory effect.

Backing pump using GLD-136 small direct oil rotary plate pump, geometrical pumping speed 165L/min.

Turbo pump usines Germany PFEIFFER innovative HiPace TM turbo-molecular pump, with a more reliable design, compact structure, higher pumping speed and more efficient cooling system. To suit your specific needs and budget, 2 specifications are available.
Hipace™ 80, maglev small turbo-molecular pump, with geometrical pumping speed of 71L/s (standard configuration).
Hipace™ 300, maglev small turbo-molecular pump, with geometrical pumping speed of 260L/s (optional).

Wide Application Area

Manufacturing Used for process control and finished product inspection, e.g. food additives, fragrance ingredient analysis on cosmetics.

Petrochemical Used for process control, quality control, and finished product inspection in the oil exploration and oil processing industries.
Environmental Monitoring Used for monitoring of soil, water quality, air, indoor environment, e.g. VOC, PAH, PCB, OCP, etc.
Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Used for pesticide residue, veterinary drug residue testing, e.g. clenbuterol detection
Quality Inspection Used for quality inspection in quality monitoring, import and export inspection and quarantine, quality supervision sector
Education and Research Institute Used for experiments, research, teaching and presentations in colleges, vocational institutes of technology
Pharmacy Used for quality control of drugs, drug raw material in pharmaceutical industry, and determination of solvent residues.
Other Areas Used for water quality monitoring in water plant, drug testing in public security system.

Technical Specifications

GC & MS Interface

Capillary direct interface, independent temperature control, 50-300℃


Dual for EI, maximum emitting current 300uA

Ionization Energy

10-100eV adjustable

Ion Source Temperature

Independent temperature control, maximum 350℃, adjustable

Mass Analyzer

High precision metal Molybdenum Quadrupole with pre-quadrupole

Backing Pump

Mechanical pump, geometric pumping speed 165L/min

Turbo Pump Turbo molecular pump, pumping speed 71 L/s, 260 L/s optional
Detector Electron multiplier
Mass Range

1.5-1050 u

Mass Accuracy ±0.1u
  Unit mass resolution
Resolution (R) 1pg OFN full scanning, ≥150:1 RMS at m/z 272
  100fg OFN selective ion scanning, ≥150:1 RMS at m/z 272
Signal to Noise Ratio (EI) ±0.1u/48h
Maximum Scanning Speed 11000u/s

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