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Labomed Inc.

LB-1950 Operational Microscope for Ophthalmology

(Cataracts and Other Eye Surgeries)

LB-1950 Operational Microscope for Ophthalmology (Cataracts and Other Eye Surgeries) is a friendly to use coaxial illumination operation microscope for one person. It is portable and compact. It is suitable for carrying out cataracts and other eye surgeries.

Labomed Inc. is certified by ISO 9001, CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


  • All the lenses are multi-coated, mildewproof and anti-reflective.
  • Optional objectives: f250/f300/f350f/f400.
  • Desktop stand can be chosen to make the device more portable. It can also be customized according to various operation requirements.
  • Foot control focus, 3 gears magnification, sharp images and comfortable observation, can meet the needs of cataracts and other eye surgeries.
  • With apochromatic technology, focal points of different wavelengths light through the lens are very close, the operators’ vision is more clearly.
  • Can use CCD Camera, CCD Adapter, Beam Splitter by optional.

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It is portable, compact and is mainly applied in clinic, hospitals and mobile hospitals for Dental, Ophthalmology, ENT and areas like these.

Eyepiece Magnification


Objective Lens


Working Distance


Magnifications for Main Microscope

5.3×, 8×, 12×

Diameter of Field

F37mm, F25mm, F16.7mm

Diopter Adjustment


Pupil Distance


Maximal Resolution


Illumination Source

12V/100W, medical cold reflection halogen lamp

Illumination Type

6°+0°Coaxial cold light source illumination

Coaxial Illumination


Reaching Radius of Arm


Adjustable Vertical Range


Fine Focusing Range


Input Voltage

AC220V±22 V / 50Hz±1Hz, AC110V±11V /60Hz±1Hz




AC250V T1.25A, AC125V T2.5A

Electrical Safety Standard

Executive Standard: GB9706.1-2007, type I

Packing Volume

0.2m3, 1carton

Total Weight



[1] Caster
Move and support the equipment
[2] Foot control switch
Be used to control the focusing functions of microscope
[3] Floor stand
Be used to support & fix stand pillar
[4] Stand pillar
[5] Fuse
Two (1.25A/2.5A) are used to power supply
[6] Light-adjusting knob
Used for continuous adjustment of illumination intensity.
[7] Power supply switch
Be used to switch on or switch off power supply.
[8] Spare bulb module
In case the working bulb burnt during an operation, the spare lamp module may be inserted so as to ensure the operation to be continued smoothly.
[9] Bulb module
[10] 7-pin plug/socket
Connecting wires for focusing control
[11] Fixing nut
This nut lets microscope suspend on the small horizontal arm. Though there is protective melt, you must check this nut tightened or not.
[12] Star fixation knob (with sterilized cap)
Fix the revolving angle of the suspended spindle of microscope.
[13] Star fixation knob (with sterilized cap)
Lock the microscope and make it not revolve at up and down plane.
[14] Diopter adjusting ring
Adjust ocular diopter by rotating this ring. The range of adjustment is ±6D.
[15] Eyecups
Adjust exit-pupil distance. Its height is 18mm and it may be taken off or rolled down.
[16] Manipulating handle (with sterilized cap)
For rough focusing, move the microscope up and down or right and left.
[17] Magnification knob (with sterilized cap)
Three magnification steps are provided. With different objectives the magnification factor of each step differs. Rotating the knob to change the magnification.
[18] Fixing block circle
Fix the manipulating handle so that it will not loose.
[19] Fuse pin
Avoid the microscope dropping when the fixing nut looses while unloading it or suspending it.
[20] Fiber optic
Lead the light beam from bulbs to the operating position.
[21] Star fixation knob(with sterilized cap)
Lock the little arm by tightening it firmly so as to prevent the microscope from moving up and down.
[22] Star fixation knob
Tighten it in order to lock the little arm and make the microscope not move vertically.
[23] 5-pin plug/socket
Connect the foot switch.
[24] Star fixation knob
Tighten it in order to lock the light source box to make it not revolve when moving or storing.
[25] Inner hexagonal tightening bolt
Lock the stand pillar and the light source box
[26] 110/220V selecting switch.
[27] Power plug
Input power supply


Optional Accessories

1. 10× Eyepiece.
2. Table installation parts(holding stand, split column).
3. Video devices(1/2” or 1/4” CCD Camera, CCD Adapter, Beam Splitter and Connecting Cable).
4. Straight Binocular, Universal Joint(for ENT).
5. Portable packaging. Including three canvas bags and a luggage cart.
6. Magnifications and filed for optional objective lens:

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (Must be ordered separately)

Integrated B/S & A/D


Adapter for CCD Camera


Observer’s monocular



HDMI monitor, LCD panel, 1080P resolution and LED backlight

CCD Camera




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