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LB-150 Cold Light Illumination

Coaxial Episcopic Illumination

LB-150 Cold Light Illumination is designed as an auxiliary lighting device for microscope in order to get better observation results.

Labomed Inc. is certified by ISO 9001, CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


  • More stable power supply with CE standard electrical equipment and PC control circuit.
  • With delay startup design to protect eyes and electrical equipment caused by sudden brightness.
  • Enhancing the security with skillful power off device.
  • Cooling the illumination better with advanced wind loop design.
  • Reliable with stable structure.
  • Longer working life and lower noise.

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Technical Specifications



Power Supplier

Switch Power 110V/ 220V

T-H Lamp with Reflector 20V/ 150W

Brightness Adjustable


Multi-coated IR Cutoff Filter for Heat Insulation
Fan Cooling
Size: 260×120×150mm Weight 3.3 kg

Ring Light Guide

Flexible Tube, Length 1000mm, Adapter Ring Size Φ50mm/ Φ60mm


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