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LB-1930 Advanced Multifunction Operation Microscope
(Neural Surgery, Brain Surgery, Facial Features Surgery)

LB-1930 Advanced Multifunction Operation Microscope (Neural Surgery, Brain Surgery, Facial Features Surgery) adopts a wholly new optical system, with clear image and wide view field, it is mainly used for operations and fine examinations that require microscopic surgery for nerves, brain tissue, and facial features.

Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


  • Hand-held operation.
  • Primary mirror with optical hinge.
  • Electromagnetic lock positioning.
  • Continuously variable electromagnetic switching times.
  • Secondary mirror with light path, ratio, clear image. Suitable for deep cavity operation.
  • Adjustable lighting spot size adjustable.
  • Six degrees of freedom movement, with a wide range of angles and rotations available.
  • Microcomputer control.
  • Optional monocular teach mirror, digital photographic system and CCD camera system and expert operation
    video image processing system.
  • Xenon lamp lighting, double bulbs conversion.

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Technical Specifications


Hand-held operation: Comfortable and convenient controls throughout the operation
Positioning: Electromagnetic lock positioning
Joint Control: Rotating joint control offers freedom of movement and stability when required
Binocular Primary Mirror: Binocular primary mirror with optical hinge, reversible 180°, with six degrees of movement, before and after electric pitch range is greater than 100°
Ocular: 12.5x, wide Angle, with diopter adjustment and limiting device

Working distance:

200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm

Binocular vice mirror:

Offers arbitrary angle rotation, along with the synchronous main mirror operation (with light path, with ratio, with field)

Secondary Mirror:

Electric continuous step, with less variable times


5x-25x, offers clear images with strong depth of field

Reflective Power:

Meets a wide range of deep cavity surgery requirements

Coaxial Cold Light:

Xenon lamp coaxial cold light system


Operation surface lighting 80000 to 180000 Lx, with double bulbs conversion


Field diameter: 85.0 mm to 8.5 mm, size spot adjustable. Suitable for deep cavity operation

Electric Trimming Focal System:

Offers a trimming focal range of 40mm with a focus speed of 1-2mm/s

Microcomputer program control:

Adjustable light, speed control system, with storage and conventional parameters

Switchable LCD Display:

Easy switching between stable and reliable modes

Foot Controls:

Stable, agile and convenient foot controls


Streamlined rack design

Coarse Adjustment Lift Range:

500 mm

Arm Extension Range:

1200 mm

Bearing Arm Rotation Angle:


Optional Accessories
(must be ordered separately)

  • Optional Monocular Teaching Mirror, Foot Control Switch,
    Digital Photographic System, CCD Camera System,
  • Optional Expert Video Surgery Image Processing System


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