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LC-18 8.0MP 4K@30 FPS / 1080@60FPS

4K UHD HDMI Camera

As the 4k resolution UHD Screen is more and more popular,1080p HDMI cameras seems can not be effectively use the screen to show the image details. Based on the latest HD high speed CMOS image sensor, the FPGA hardware image processor and HDMI V1.4 standard, our company released the LC-18 8.0MP 4K@30 FPS / 1080@60FPS 4K UHD HDMI Industry Camera.

The camera adopts high sensitive 1/1.9 inch(pixel size 1.85um) 8.0 Mega pixel color CMOS image sensor, the sensor has high dynamic range, high sensitivity and excellent thermal noise suppression features. The camera can be connected to 4K UHD Screen to preview and real-time capture the BMP&RAW image to TF card(mini SD card), it support Max. 64GB TF card. The camera is plug and play. The 4k UHD camera can ensure every detail is not to be missed. The camera can not take videos, if you want to take videos, the cameras should be connected with HDMI image acquisition card, The cameras can take both images and videos when they are connected to image acquisition card. The cameras comes with IR remote controller, no shaking when takng pictures.

Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


1. High resolution. The 4K UHD cameras output 4k resolution(3840 x 2160), the resolution is four times as large as 1080p cameras.
2. High speed frame rate(Max. 30fps), no compression, no interpolation, Max. Transmission bandwidth is 5.97 Gb/s.
3. Equipped with IR remote control, which can realize fast parameter adjustment, support hardware auto white balance, auto exposure, 2800k\5000k\6500k color correction, two groups of cross line adjustment, Image flip, mirror, freeze, capture, preview, parameter saving and other functions.
4. Support the firmware updated by TF card.
5. CNC processed aluminum alloy casing, industrial standard circuit board, precise and reliable. Provide 3 years warranty.

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The LC-18 8.0MP 4K@30 FPS / 1080@60FPS 4K UHD HDMI Camera can be widely used in video conferencing, remote medical diagnosis, microscopy images, industrial inspection, video projectors, security monitoring field. With the high image quality and easy to operate features, it will be your best assistant for following applications:

1. Live Cell Imaging
2. Surgical Microscopic Imaging
3. Pathology
4. Cytology
5. Defect Analysis
6. Semiconductor Inspection
7. Metrology
8. Navigation for Processed Imaging
9. Industrial Optical HD Digital Imaging
10. Astronomical Observation



Technical Specifications

Model LC-18
Resolution 8.0MP
Max FPS 4K@30FPS / 1080P@60FPS 
Sensor Type 1/1.9" CMOS
Shutter Rolling
Color Color
Pixel Size 1.85μm
Max Resolution 4K(3840X2160)
Image Format BMP / RAW
Function BMP image Capture, Preview, Freeze, Mirror, Flip, Cross line, AWB, AE, Gain, Color temperature preset, Parameter save, Resolution switching, Restore Setting and other functions.
Interface HDMI v1.4
Memory TF Card Max. 64Gb
Input Power DC 12V 2A
Lens C-mount
Dimension 47x70x31 mm
Weight 168 g
Accessories IR Remote Controller *1, 12V 2A Power Supply*1, HDMI Cable*1




IR Remote


Operation Instruction


Connect the display with 4K Camera through HDMI interface. Plug the power supply and boot the camera, the screen will show objective’s image when lens aims at it. User can control 4K Camera and carry on following operations by using remote controller. (Be aware to pull out the separator paper while using the remote controller for the first time).

User can press the Menu button to add a OSD on the screen, and show the current parameters and status.


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