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LC-6 USB2.0 Industrial Color Digital Camera
(10.0MP, Frame Buffer)

LC-6 USB2.0 Industrial Color Digital Cameras (10.0MP, Frame Buffer) have hardware frame buffer, the speed is much higher than common digital cameras. With USB2.0 interface, from 0.36 mega-pixel to 14.0 mega-pixel Color and mono digital cameras are available. Among these cameras, 0.36 mega-pixel digital camera has high sensitivity, high dynamic range, global shutter, hardware frame buffer and high-speed features. Other digital cameras have high sensitivity, high dynamic range, rolling shutter, hardware frame buffer and high-speed features. LC-6 digital cameras are widely used in machine vision and a variety of image acquisition areas.

Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


    • Multiple  mounting  angles,  suitable  for  all  kinds  of  industrial  production equipments’ installation requirements;
    • Real industrial Color/mono CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity, high dynamic range, no compression, no interpolation. 0.36 mega-pixel digital camera is global shutter, other digital cameras are rolling shutter;
    • With board frame buffer, double buffer preview, real-time acquisition with external trigger;
    • High-speed USB2.0 interface, up to 480Mb/s;
    • Support extraction modes, users can choose AOI area (Area of Interest), the image frame rate is greatly speed up after the extraction;
    • Separate image capture and preview, support high-speed preview, high-quality acquisition;
    • Supports SKIP2/SKIP4/SKIP8 extraction modes, the image frame rate multiplied after the extraction;
    • The brightness of all modes and resolution switch is the same;
    • Gamma correction, extended RGB gain, color reproduction more realistic;
    • Support for still image capture (JPG, BMP), image color is rich and vivid;
    • Supports 8-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit bitmap preview and capture(Mono camera support 8-bit bitmap);
    • Supports uncompressed, compressed videos:
    • Provides completed API for users’ Secondary development, provide Demo Source Code;
    • Hardware automatic gain control (AGC) and Exposure Control (AEC);
    • Software auto white balance, auto exposure, continuous auto exposure control;
    • Users can program to control white balance and exposure area;
    • Supports the plug recovery during acquisition and preview;
    • Supports firmware upgrade on-line;
    • Plug and play, dispense with external power supply;
    • Supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 Operation System;
    • Supports VC, VB, DELPHI, LABVIEW and other development language;
    • Fix the USB cable on the camera with bolt, USB cable can not fall off;
    • Supports Twain;
    • Support for standard C-mount lenses and all kinds of customized lenses;
    • Durable aluminum alloy shell;
    • Supports external trigger acquisition and flash light control.

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  • License image capture
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Microscope system
  • Notes image capture
  • Industrial production line image capture
  • Fingerprint, palm print image capture
  • Public Security investigation image capture
  • Desktop images, portraits, iris image capture
  • High speed vehicle license plate capture


Technical Specifications




USB2.0 colorful CMOS 10.0MP industrial digital camera with board frame buffer

Image Sensor

1/2.3 inch, colorful 10.0MP CMOS Image Sensor

Pixel Size


Spectral Response




Scan Mode

Progressive Scan

Exposure Mode

Electronic rolling shutter

Max Resolution

3856 x 2764

Frame Rate

3fps@3856 x 2764

White Balance

Auto / Manual

Exposure Control

Auto / Manual, software/hardware

Image Output

USB2.0, 480Mb/s


USB2.0 Power Supply, 500mW

Dynamic Range




Programmable control

Image size, Contrast, brightness, gain, exposure time

Software Function

Image display, image processing, video

Working Temperature



Equipped with standard infrared filter, C/CS mount connecting ring, 2m USB cable, 1 CD with software and SDK

Camera Net Weight


Camera Dimension

62mm×62mm×45mm (length × width × height)

Box Dimension

118mm×108mm×96mm (length × width × height)


Spectral Response Curve

Shell Dimensions

Module Dimensions

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